Tips to light the garden efficiently

Published by on November 12, 2020
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With the arrival of good weather, it is usual to make the most of our patio or garden. It is normal to go out to enjoy a dinner with family or friends or to take the fresh air in the hottest months. To make the most of this space, there is nothing like having good lighting. For lighting, a generator may come in handy, check out some westinghouse igen4500 reviews. For this reason, today we would like to share with you some advice that we has published in this regard. Let’s see what these tips are.

Divide your outdoor space into lighting zones

The idea is to create different zones, some of them independent from each other. With this we seek to avoid the need to have to illuminate all the lights simultaneously, turning on only those that are necessary. In this way, we will be helping to save on the lighting bill and doing our bit for the environment.

Use systems to avoid wasting light

To achieve this goal, it is advisable to install programmable switches, motion sensors and light limiters so as not to use more light than you really need. This will also avoid leaving lights on for a long time.

Avoid light pollution

Because being efficient is not only about saving, we must also take into account the rest of others. Therefore, the ideal way to avoid this problem is to use downward lighting, which consists of putting the light at high points and tilting it downward. This way we can not only preserve the darkness in the sky, but also provide light to the areas where it is really needed

Uses LED technology to save money

These lights are very resistant to both extreme temperatures and humidity. Check the IP standard before purchasing them to know the protection they will give you. Currently there are several options according to your needs: spotlights and wall lights, projectors, candles, floor recessed, floating LED lamps for water areas …

Besides these tips, what else do you think should be considered when lighting a garden? We encourage you to share your comments with all of us, we are waiting for you!

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