Best Way to Kill Dust Mites

Published by on February 20, 2019
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Dust mites affect most homes in the United States, and when they are in your linens, carpets, and curtains, knowing how to kill dust mites is important. Simply becoming familiar with dust mites and there needs will allow you to kill dust mites effectively. This article will touch on a few facts, and factors about dust mites that will help you determine the best way to control dust mites in your home and even in your bed.

Due to the fact that dust mites cannot survive in a climate with a relative humidity below 50 percent, where you live will determine how your home will be affected by dust mites. If your home is in a humid climate, chances are you may need help with dust mite removal.

Did you know that there can be as many as 100,000 dust mites living in a single square yard of carpet? Dust mites reproduce so fast because each egg-laying dust mite can lay up to 25 eggs every 21 days. A dust mite cover on your bed may keep them off your bed, but this does nothing against the dust mites in your carpet. With these basic facts in mind, lets focus on some of the best ways to kill dust mites.

Dust mites cannot survive a dip in the wash as long as the temperature of the water is above 130 degrees. If the temperature is below 130 degrees, it will do nothing. While washing your sheets and covers for your bed, it is a good time to go ahead and wash your curtains, and any other linens in your home that you may feel could be infested with dust mites.

On the oposite end of the spectrum another method for dust mite treatment is to freeze them. Any small items you may have that can fit in your freezer, such as pillows or even stuffed animals, can be left in for a couple of days to kill dust mites. After removing from freezer, it is a good idea to go ahead and wash the items to remove any dust mite residue that can still cause your allergies to act up. Extended exposure to sunlight is another non-chemical way to kill dust mites.

Moving on from non-chemical ways to kill dust mites, we will discuss alternative ways to kill dust mites with powders, and even dust mite spray. You can find these dust mite products online and at local department stores, but it is important that whatever spray you buy, it should contain benzyl benozoate. This chemical has shown no side effects other than that of killing dust mites. One treatment of a benzyl benozoate dust mite spray can control dust mites for up to six months.

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