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NOAC's Program, Strategy and Tactics

  1. We will focus on dispelling the myth of the war on terror that is the basis for creating endless war, stopping the war in Iraq, stopping the war on terror, preventing war in Iran and bringing all of the troops home now. Other issues related to our central aim can and should be addressed by speakers at rallies, information on flyers, publicity of events, encouraging the formation of independent committees, and approaching other groups with more expertise and focus (i.e. the ACLU).

  2. We seek to organize mass demonstrations, rallies, conferences, and teach-ins of peaceful and nonviolent character through mobilization, education and outreach to key constituencies in order to end war.

  3. We will continue to function on the basis of the principle of including the most diverse people by which is meant that all who support NOAC's program, strategy and tactics, and help build NOAC actions on that basis, are welcome in the coalition, regardless of whether independently of NOAC they participate in antiwar actions of a different character. NOAC will also maintain solidarity with others within the anti-war movement but outside of NOAC's realm.

  4. NOAC upholds an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic environment in conducting meetings and events. The group expects all participants to work together on common goals with mutual respect and tolerance of diverse backgrounds, and to be inclusive at all times of differences of ethnicity, religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Participants shall not impose on the group or members of the group hurtful, offensive, or disrespectful personal views, attitudes, or agendas that are intolerant of these differences or that perpetuate discrimination of historically marginalized groups (e.g., women, racial and ethnic minorities, gays, lesbians, transgendered individuals).

  5. Deliberations at NOAC meetings, private conduct of NOAC affairs outside of meetings, and identification of all participants must be considered confidential. NOAC participants are not permitted to release outside of NOAC names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, notes, conversations, recordings, photographs, or other forms of identification, unless the group or individuals involved voluntarily agree to such disclosure. Photographs taken at rallies, demonstrations or other public events are exempt from this restriction.
    If individuals fail to abide by the guidelines in paragraphs four and five, they will receive a warning. If their non-compliant behavior continues after the warning, they will be asked not to participate in NOAC meetings

  6. NOAC is issue focused and will continue to be nonpartisan and will not engage in electoral activity in support of any political party or candidate.



NOAC successfully launched an informational website in April, 2003. A second phase of development was agreed to that seeks to achieve the goal of making the NOAC website as useful, informational, and educational as it can be by providing unique features that will attract a large number of visitors.

  1. Event Calendar Selection Criteria

    All events should be submitted to the webmaster or a member of the Coordinating Committee at least 48 hours before the event occurs. It is in the best interest of everyone for events to be submitted as early as possible so that more website visitors will be able to view the event details and make plans to participate. Events posted to the NOAC website will fall under the categories of anti-war, peace and civil liberties only. Only events that will occur in the greater Cleveland area, or those that are mass actions at the State or National level will be posted. Events sponsored by NOAC and member groups may be posted if they fall into the above subject and geographic categories.

  2. Information & Analysis section

    We seek: Writings by local people on topics that coincide with the mission of NOAC Interviews with foreign policy, labor, and other "experts" in which questions from the local community are submitted and the interviewee is asked to respond. Links and writings that tie in global/national anti-war, peace, and civil liberties issues to the local community (e.g., stories about local loss due to the war in Iraq)