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Press Releases

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open most of the following files. If you do not have this plug-in, download it here. (Hint: most web browsers come with this plug-in already, so click on a press release link first. It will probably open.)

War Anniversary Rx: Cleveland Artists, Dancers, Comedians, Poets, Actors, and Musicians to Offer an Antidote to the Iraq War

Sending an anti-war message during the season of peace:
NOAC sponsors local mass action to bring U.S. troops and corporations home from Iraq

Clevelanders to Join National Mass Mobilization in DC Against Iraqi Occupation

"Bring the Troops Home Now!" is August 6 Rally Theme

April 25, 2003 Rally: "Take Back Our Country! No More Wars for Oil or Empire!"

March 2, 2003 Rally: "Rally for America"

February 15, 2003 Rally: "Last Chance to Stop War"

February 8, 2003: "Emergency Anti-War Conference"

January 27, 2003: Cleveland City Hall Rally (Read the resolution)

December 21, 2002 Rally: "Speak Out for Peace"

November 11, 2002 Rally: "Stop War on Iraq"