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Observations on December 20...

it was freezing cold but despite this a pretty good ans spirited crowd showed up to voice their discontent with the Bushwaker's war on the world. The speakers were good and very diverse and everone had a chance to get out their message.It was interesting to note that although we had a permit to march that the police were truying to contain us on the too narrow for the crowd sidewalks. One officer even had the audacity to say that one needed a permit to even walk on the sidewalks. That's a new one on me and I've done my fair share of protests,permitted and otherwise.We still did what we had to do and proceeded to walk in the street when we had to. It was peaceful and spirited throughout and it was great to see some old faces come back into the fold.We need to keep up the pressure more than ever and this was a great way to build and network for the upcoming events that many peace groups are now organozing!peace and happy new year to all who are working so hard to make a differnt, better world possible.
--m.j. Cleve.N.I.O.N